Podcast: Include prior connections on your mailing list

Are you assuming–perhaps incorrectly–that certain connections are separate from your art connections? Regardless of the type of work you did before diving into your art career, every contact you have made is valuable.


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5 comments to Podcast: Include Prior Connections on Your Mailing List

  • Alyson, this action is so true. I did my first group show in May. The 8 of us each sent out postcards to everyone we knew. I personally sent out 75 to all my acquaintances from my previous job, family and friends. I may not have sold anything, but I had 48 of those 75 show up to support me. It was amazing! We guess that we had around 300 people come through in 4 hours and 6 pieces were sold. I am looking forward to next May’s show.

  • That’s a holy truth! We should keep and value every contact. Thank you Alyson!

  • Gaylynn: Congratulations! And you never know when those contacts will pay off–probably not immediately, but perhaps at some point.

  • Thanks for the idea. My husband and I used to own a window covering business, but now we own a Giclee printing business and art gallery.

    We have not yet informed our previous window covering customers of our new art business. It’s a great idea though. If they were looking for new window coverings, perhaps they are looking for new art for their walls – or at least know someone who is. Thanks for the tip!

  • […] us about your previous connections and listen to the podcast on the Art Biz Blog. SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Include prior connections on your mailing list", url: […]

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