Do You Reveal Your Politics? (Curious Monday)

Things are heating up in the presidential race and online.

And it’s getting nasty. One client asked me how I deal with reading about it all in my Facebook feed and I said, I don’t. I really don’t read my feed much. It’s too upsetting. I can connect with my students and clients through our private groups, where the energy is much more positive.

Roseate Spoonbills painting by Allison Richter

©Allison Richter, Chatter. Oil on canvas, 36 x 48 inches. Used with permission.

I am very political in my personal life and have even taken stands publicly on issues such as gay marriage.

But there’s a line I draw when posting so publicly about politics on social media.

I’m not saying I won’t come out publicly on one side or the other this year, but I’m hanging low for right now. (Still, I have my T-shirt and bumper sticker ordered.)

I’m much more likely to share positive things about my candidates rather than anything negative about others.

While everyone has a right to voice his or her opinions, I know that:

  • I don’t want to read it if it’s hateful or just mean.
  • Those opinions, especially when negative rather than positive, have the potential of alienating potential buyers.
  • Those same opinions, ironically, also have the potential of attracting ideal buyers.
  • At the end of the day, you have to do what’s right for you. Just as I do.

What’s right for you?

Do you take a stand publicly for your political opinions? (You don’t have to tell us what they are.)

Where do you draw the line? 

Do you find yourself getting trapped in political conversations on social media?

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70 comments to Do You Reveal Your Politics? (Curious Monday)

  • I don’t post anything political directly on my own social media accounts. However, I do give a thumbs up to posts in my feed from time to time. And, I have taken up for the defense of women, minorities, LBGT, and other groups being painted with a wide brush on other’s pages. Yes, people might be able to find and see this, but I’ll never be sorry for pitching in to defend minority groups and if it costs me a sale, so be it.

  • Normally, I don’t. This year however, I have had to obey my moral compass and take a stand and denounce hate and racism. I don’t do it a lot, but I have posted once or twice. I am sure I alienated someone, but to me, speaking out against such things is more important than a sale. I really do struggle with this on social media. I see friends and clients posting things that go against everything I believe in and work for in my private life.

  • Kathleen Eggert

    I do on my personal Facebook page but never on my business page. That is strictly for my art and sharing the work of others I admire, events, shows, etc.

  • I do post positively on political issues meaningful to me, limiting posts to inspiring and compassionate articles. I no longer respond to posts with negative content but I have few outside posts that are out of line. I try to keep my page positive and uplifting with content that if published I would like to re-read myself. It is important to me to express myself and stand on what I believe as an artist and as a spiritual being at work in the world. My goal is to contribute to a better world for all people, places and things, seen and unseen. Social media for me is a forum for listening to and considering well-reasoned, diverse ideas and the stories others tell, as well as sharing my own world.

  • I post on my personal page because by not voicing your opinion you become part of the problem or just as if you don’t cast your vote out of protest you cannot then come back in and cry foul. It is out of fighting for what is right, and it matters in my lives and especially my children’s lives. I recognize the need to be more of an advocate for the less fortunate and if I can do that through social media then I will every single time.

  • I post but I am careful. I try to share intelligent article
    I remember being so horrified when so many Republicans set out to destroy the Obama presidency before it even started. I will NOT participate in that kind of hatred.
    I did do a performance piece where I burned my Evangelical and Republican cards. My 19 year old sprinkled them with the inside of old fireworks and we set them on fire in the living room. Yes, that was NOT a bright idea. SMOKE EVERYWHERE and the alarms went off. But it was so much fun and quite cathartic.

    Before moving into abstraction I painted in the Christian sphere. I got to the point where I would not let churches use my art if they did not support women in leadership. I would rather lose business than participate in the patriarchy. Did I lose business. You betcha. Did I gain business. I did and FRIENDS!!!!

    Sigh. I have a couple post planned that will reveal my politics and we will see. I hope some of them will be funny. Funny is my intent and I promise never to be as crude as our President Elect.
    And I WILL pray for him and follow Hillary’s example and do what I can to ensure a successful presidency.

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