Behind the Scenes: Rebranding Art Biz Coach

Ta da! We did it!

We have a new look at Art Biz Coach, and I’m using today’s post to give you the inside scoop on how all of the pieces came together.

Rebranding Art Biz Coach

Back in January, I asked if your brand was missing you because I had concluded, with the help of my mastermind buddies, that my personality was a little absent from the Art Biz Coach brand, especially in the visual manifestation of Art Biz Coach.

So I hired Rachel Dunham of Brand Therapy to work some magic on me. We’ve been working on this for more than two months.

The First Steps to a New Brand

I didn’t pay Rachel $75 to come up with a quick logo. I wanted a much deeper process for a more profound transformation.

The first thing Rachel did was ask me to complete a 19-page survey.

The next thing she did was create a private Pinterest board where I could post inspirational photos for the design and photos of me in various outfits. This is when she gave me advice for what to wear in the photo shoot that I had already arranged with the talented Regina-Marie.

Then we scheduled 3 phone conversations – each with a separate purpose:

  1. The first was focused on me: who I am, my vision, my values, and what makes me unique.
  2. The second session focused on Art Biz Coach: our core message, ideal clients and their struggles, products, and services.
  3. The final session focused on my online presence: website functionality and social media presence.

I emphasized the following points in our conversations:

  • I want my site to be more visually engaging. I have a visual audience but I offer services, not a visual product.
  • I want my message to have more of my personality, which means adding a little edge – not so serious and proper. I’ve been called sassy – mostly by my mom.
  • Adding pattern would be a plus because I’m drawn to pattern, especially polka dots. Patterns flow from my pen when I doodle in meetings.
  • I really liked my current yellow and warm gray. Those two colors were the ones I used when Stanfield Art Associates began in 2001.

The Logo Is Birthed

As I’ve written before, a brand is much more than a logo, and that logo must evolve from deep values, purpose, and direction. That’s why the inquiry started the process.

After coming across my signature, Rachel decided to incorporate it into the logo.

The logo was the longest, hardest slog of the process, which is why I refer to it as being birthed. We went through so many versions and even tried using the peacock blue that I love so much. But we eventually arrived with this.

Alyson Stanfield Logo | Art Biz Coach

Everything else that came afterward would be congruent with this logo.

Studies have shown that women don’t particularly like gray and men are averse to purple. Either I’ve managed to turn off both genders with this logo or, more likely, I trust the keen eye of my visual audience to look at the whole rather than pooh-poohing individual colors.

There is significant meaning to every aspect of this logo. I won’t go into depth, but to me it symbolizes the 4 Cs: connection, community, creativity, and clarity.

Updating YOUR Brand

And now, a little something for you.

If you ever decide to freshen up your professional look, you may struggle, as I did, to come up with a list of all the things that will need updating. What needs new colors, images, and fonts?

This list covers most of what we developed for the new Art Biz Coach brand, though not everything will apply to your situation.

  • Website and/or blog (individual pages and posts, sign-up pages, thank you pages)
  • Headers for each page
  • New photos of yourself that promote your brand (Thanks again, Regina!)
  • Select photos of you with others and in your studio and your art in situ
  • Buy / Sign Up / Submit buttons
  • Sign-up forms
  • Product graphics for classes, books, and programs
  • Newsletter template
  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Hang tags
  • Note pads
  • Note cards
  • CD covers
  • Letterhead
  • Report templates or class lessons
  • Social media graphics: Facebook and Twitter cover images, buttons to connect with you

I sure hope this list comes in handy for you at some point.

Share your experience with updating your professional artist brand in a comment. I’d love for you to add to the list above.

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