Start Promoting It NOW

So you’re driving around the neighborhood and suddenly you spot something different. A new business has opened up.

You can’t remember what used to be in that space, but suddenly it’s a new restaurant or gift shop.

When did it open?

Back in June I stopped by the Golden, Colorado Visitors’ Center to pick up pamphlets for my workshop peeps who were coming in from out of town.

I came across a small card with a business card stapled to it, which announced that Local Market would be opening soon. It was probably printed on a home printer, but it was enough to catch my attention.

I was excited! We’re a sleepy little town and a new local market is big news.

A little later, I drove by the new space for Local Market to see where it was going to be. It was easy to spot because there was a temporary sign. A big sign in the front windows (it’s really a small space).

I found out that Local Market, which I could walk to if necessary, would be opening in late August.

I waited patiently, but enthusiastically.

That means they were promoting it at least 2 months before their opening.

Local Market didn’t just suddenly appear in a vacant space. They let people know they were coming.

Your Takeaway

Don’t wait to start promoting something.

The more people see something, the more they will look forward to it and the more likely they are to act on it when the time comes.

  • Post future events on an online calendar (Facebook, blog sidebar, etc.) NOW
  • Blog about your 2012 exhibit NOW
  • Talk about your upcoming open studio NOW
  • Send save-the-date postcards about your event NOW
  • Add updates for all of these on Facebook and Twitter NOW

What are you waiting for?

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