Starter Moves for When You’re Not Quite Ready to Promote Your Art

Marketing your art in a way that is comfortable takes time for most artists. If you’re just starting out on this path, here are some things you can do to help prepare you for entering the marketplace.

Start working on your mailing list right away. Step 1 is to capture the names in a file folder or email folder. Step 2 is to select a good database and start entering names and addresses.

Visit galleries, retail stores, art festivals, and museums. Understand what their missions are and where you might fit in. Attend openings and meet people.

Join and become involved in an artist organization. Meet other artists to hear of opportunities and share experiences.

Read about art. Read to understand how people write about art and who is doing the writing.

Read about business and marketing. Don’t just focus on art-marketing material. Read what other industries are doing and how you can apply it to your art career. I suggest starting with social media expert (and seemingly uber-nice guy) Chris Brogan.

Watch other artists talking about art. Grow comfortable with the language surrounding the life of an artist.

Talk about your art. Come up with language that you can use to relate to people. Be confident in your words.

Write about your art. No one has to see your writings, but they will lead to language for your website, networking, and your artist statement.


See my online class Art Biz Lift Off if you are considering turning your art hobby into a business.


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