Twitter Tweekly for June 1, 2014

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An annotated and curated list of my top tweets since May 17, 2014.

It’s okay if you don’t add dates to your artwork online, but do keep good records of dates

Like I always say . . . Trusting Yourself to Make Decisions Instead of Always Seeking Advice

A family contemplates The Wish by Helen Hiebert, a member of my Art Biz Incubator.

Bookstore opens Art store. Cool concept.…

Email Subject Lines: 5 Tips to Attract Readers < #artists please read this!

Hilarious! Online game lets you smash Ai Wei Wei vases

RT @ArtistTaraReed: SURTEX thoughts and musings – part 1 #surtex <insights if interested in #artlicensing

The Paradox of Art

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Five Realities of Art Licensing

Tara Reed Products

So you have heard about this thing called “art licensing” and it sounds pretty good! You can earn income by licensing the same art to multiple manufacturers to use on different products. “Sounds great!” you think. “Where do I sign up!” you ask. “Hold onto your paintbrushes!” I say. Before you start putting a lot of time and energy thinking about the dream that is art licensing, you need to understand the reality of how to succeed in the industry.

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10 Things to Know Before You Throw Your Hat in the Art Licensing Arena

So you’ve heard about art licensing and think it sounds amazing! You can create art and have several people pay you for the rights to use it. ou don’t have to do any of the marketing, selling or credit card processing. Heck, you’ve heard about people who make millions doing it so why shouldn’t you? Well… it’s not that easy.

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@abstanfield Tweekly

I love to give quick links about art-related articles and events on Twitter. Other times, I like to just make you smile with my tweets. Check out this post if you think you missed something in the past week.

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