Art Marketing Review

Olivia Alexander, Ocean Dance 4. Mixed media on Belgian linen

Artists should conduct a marketing review to evaluate methods they are using to sell or gain recognition for their art.

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Cowboy Up! Break Away from the Other Artists

Lisa Berry, Self-Portrait with Ice Cream.

You can’t stand out if your art looks like art by other artists or if you do everything the same way other artists are doing it. How will you distinguish yourself? How will you cowboy up?

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Take Action! Don't just read. Do!

It doesn’t help you to read unless you do something with what you’ve learned.I would even argue that you haven’t learned much if you haven’t done the work. If you’re just reading and reading, you’re not using your other senses. You’re not touching, applying, failing, and readjusting.

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Selling art into a headwind

Eric Sparre

The economic downturn has made the already challenging proposition of pursuing artistic work as a full time profession even more difficult. This means that you, the professional artist, need to increase your ability to be self reliant. What does that mean? Simple, you need to be the driving force behind marketing and selling your work.

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