Practice your pitch with your pet

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Insurance value vs. retail value of art

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Podcast: Nail Your Prices

Listen in on this week’s podcast—an audio version of the Art Marketing Action newsletter—"Nail your Prices":


The audio recording of the week for Art Marketing Action Inner Circle members takes the idea of sharing your art a step further and shares The Pricing Formula. You can get this extra audio recording, a premium newsletter, one-on-one coaching days, and discounts when you join the Inner Circle. Right now, it’s only $10 for the first two months of your subscription. Learn more about the Inner Circle.

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Tips on pricing

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Does retail pricing work for art?

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Iron Out the Details First for Your Art Sales

I received this email from an artist who thought you might learn from the experience:

A gentleman purchased 2 paintings of mine at my two local galleries, then contacted me via telephone about doing a commission. When he asked the price, I stated, “between 4500 and 5000.” Then when he came to my studio and we talked about price of course he thought it should be 4500, not 5000. We finally settled on 6000 if I would throw in another small Rembrandt copy that I painted. He paid 3000 down payment. I completed the painting and he came to my studio again to pick it up. He then paid the remaining 3000 which he wrote a check for. Throughout this time we have chatted several times and have become quite friendly, and even took my spouse and I

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