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The Art Biz Blog is the blog for Art Biz Coach, which offers services and products to help artists build profitable businesses. One of my goals for Art Biz Coach over the next year or so is to simplify and streamline. I want to make it easy for new visitors to figure out where they should go on my sites. If you’re new here, I offer 6 tips for finding your way through the 2400+ posts as well as the artist services and products.

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Dear John: So Your Kid Wants To Go To Art School

William R. Struby Art

Parents are rightly concerned about their children’s future, but with preparation, an art student can excel in life. In honor of Fathers’ Day week (Can I declare a week for all dads?), I share this query from John G. from my Facebook page and my response.

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Make It Legal - 4 Steps to an Official Art Business

Signing a document

If you are an artist in the U.S., take these for steps for turning your hobby into a legal art business. 1) Obtain your Federal Employer Identification Number. Don’t scatter your Social Security Number around! Get this free ID number from the Federal government for your art business. The Federal EIN Application takes 5 minutes and is FREE. Beware of sites that want to charge you for this service!

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Starter Moves for When You’re Not Quite Ready to Promote Your Art

Marketing your art in a way that is comfortable takes time for most artists. If you’re just starting out on this path, here are 8 things you can do to help prepare you for entering the marketplace.

Start working on your mailing list right away.

Begin by collecting the names in a file folder or email folder. Then you can select a good database and start entering names and addresses. We recommend using Artwork Archive. Visit galleries, retail stores, art festivals, and museums.

Understand what their missions are and where you might fit in. Attend openings and meet people. Join and become involved in an artist organization.

Meet other artists to hear of opportunities and share experiences. Read about art.

Read to understand how people write about art and who is

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