9 Things You May Not Know About The Art Biz Blog

Even if you visit the Art Biz Blog weekly, you may not know that there is an archive of podcasts and newsletters here or that you can subscribe via email. Read about what else is available to you.

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Quick Blog Fixes

Whenever you visit Debbie Gonville Miller's blog, you get a feel for her art instantly.

Have you found yourself doing some spring cleaning around the house and yard?

You can do the same for your blog—a critical component of your Web presence.

You instantly get a feel for Debbie Gonville Miller’s art whenever you visit her blog.

If you want to feel a little more love for your blog, it’s easy to implement these five fixes.

1. Update your About page.

Add a fresh photo of yourself, tell a new story, or write the text in verse.

Your About page is often the first link people click on. If it doesn’t make you smile, it might be losing visitors.

2. Add more images of your art.

You probably have a blog because

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Resources for Starting a Blog

It’s easy to get a blog up and online in no time, but I want you to do it right from the get-go. I recommend a specific platform and give you resources for self-training or for getting professional help with your new site.

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Blog vs. Website

You CAN use a blog instead of a website if everything is in order. If you’re going to be sending gallerists, curators, and collectors to your blog, you don’t want to waste any time wowing them. And you certainly don’t want to waste their time.

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Create a Style Sheet for Your Website and Blog

Are the colors, font styles, and font sizes consistent on your website or blog? It’s easy to be seduced by a sexy font or a trendy color, but don’t be. As an artist, you should be more concerned about the visual presentation of your art than about any fancy design tricks. The art should always be shown in its best light.

One way to keep the attention on your art is to be consistent with the design elements. You should do a lot of planning so that site visitors don’t think too much about how things look when they visit your site. They’ll just focus on the art!

Let’s start with color.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) coding for building websites uses a six-digit number for every color you choose. For example, #CC0000 is the red in my links

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Perform a Blog Checkup

Last week it was a Web site checkup for you.

©Peter Muzyka, Georgia Lace. Egg tempera, 32 x 24 inches. Used with permission.

This week, it’s time to look over your blog. Maybe you started it because I said you needed one. But you never quite got the hang of it. Or maybe you started it and got so caught up in it that you haven’t paid much attention to how it’s working for you. It’s time to give it the once-over. Let’s get started.

*Is your name prominent? I’m not crazy about fancy names for blogs, I just want to know who is writing it. Seth Godin’s blog, one of the most highly trafficked blogs around, is simply “Seth’s Blog.” People come because of what he has to say–not because it

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