Your Transition To Full-Time Artist

Laura Cheney Art

In Go Pro: How To Turn Your Hobby Into An Art Career, Debby Williams and I discuss the early steps for starting to sell your art. Laura Petrovich-Cheney has a different concern. She asked in a blog comment about the step after one begins selling: transitioning into full-time artist. She said, “I am a school teacher – so like a few folks here – 50 hours a week are dedicated to the day job.

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Follow Your Passion?

You’ve surely heard this career/life advice spoken more than once: “Follow Your Passion.” Is this wise advice? What does it mean?

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Tongue tied? Return to Pictures to Tell Your Story

Virginia Folkestad Art Studio

On a visit to Virginia Folkestad‘s studio, I was taken with the way she documented her career in a visual timeline.

I encourage you to do something similar for your oeuvre.

  1. Tack color images of your art chronologically to the wall. Add dates if you need them as reminders.
  2. Use yarn or string to connect ideas and thought processes between earlier and later work.
  3. Record, in words, why you connected the images.

This will help you visualize your progress and understand how objects and ideas are connected over time.

You will discover common threads that you didn’t previously see, which will help you better tell the story of your work.

Have you tried something like this?

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Book vs. Class vs. Membership vs. Coaching

I’m often asked by artists which Art Biz Coach resources might be best for them. The thread that holds my material together is the emphasis on action. But the book, the classes, the membership program, and my consulting are all very different. Think about what YOU need most.

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How to Hire a Consultant for Your Art Career

The most important questions I ask before agreeing to spend an hour with someone on the phone are: What is it you want to accomplish? How do you think I can help? Whether you’re working with me, asking for help from another artist, or signing up for a mentor session at a conference, it’s imperative that you know what outcome you want.

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