What to Include in a Catalog of Your Art

A catalog can be a snapshot of your career at a moment in time or a retrospective documenting your entire life’s work.

With the advent of on-demand, inexpensive publishing, every artist should be using catalogs to promote their art.

And, yes, I recommend print catalogs above electronic versions.

A printed catalog is tactile. It can be placed in a gallery setting and held in one’s hands. It can be sent through the mail with a handwritten note as a gift to a VIP.

I also recommend a physical catalog because there’s nothing like seeing your art in print.

Printed catalogs can also be sold. However, catalogs are rarely money-making ventures. Incourage you to think of them as marketing pieces and documentation rather than products you might sell for profit.

Use this checklist to ensure that your catalog has all of the components to make it a lasting document of your art – one that you are proud of.

Pre-Project Checklist


Before you begin, you must determine the focus of your catalog. Just as you curate an exhibition of your art, you curate the content of your catalog.

Unless your catalog is

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Where to Distribute Catalogs of Your Art

A few weeks ago I wrote about what should go into a catalog of your art. (Be sure to read the comments for catalog tips from readers.) Now I want to talk about what to do with a catalog you’ve created.

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Peek Inside a Catalog of Your Art

Catalogs document an exhibit or body of work, and they are a record of your career at a moment in time. Consider creating an electronic or printed catalog to utilize as marketing pieces of your work. Here is a list of key features to include in your catalog.

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