Is there such a thing as originality? Deep Thought Thursday

Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent. -Jim Jarmusch. Read the entire quote and discuss.

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Give Away Your Art ???

David Castle’s “Flapjack” paintings.

Free art can lure people in the door and lead to sales – IF you do it right.

David Castle’s “Flapjack” paintings. ©The Artist.

I was alarmed when I saw this subject line in my inbox:

David Castle Art: FREE Flapjacks This First Friday to Kick Off Denver Arts Week!

“Flapjacks” is the name David Castle has given to 3″x3″ watercolors that he gives to visitors at his open studio during a citywide gallery night out.

He planned to give away 1 Flapjack to each of the first 40 people who visited his studio that night.

The Confrontation

I quickly wrote him back: HOLY COW! You’re giving away 40 paintings?!

I thought he might be just a little crazy.

David said Yep, that’s his plan. He further explained

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Art Bartering <- Deep Thought Thursday

Sometimes it’s great to trade your art for a service or other product. Then there are the times when you don’t really want what the other person is offering. How do you tell someone that you’d rather be paid with money?

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Ask for sponsorship

There may come a time when you need to ask someone for a donation or in-kind gift.

Let’s say you’d like someone to sponsor an art opening for your organization. [ Side note: It’s easier to get sponsorship for larger, nonprofit organizations than for individual artists because (1) it’s a tax deduction for the donor and (2) more people show up at the events. ]

Erin Casey, Grace After a Windstorm. Porcelain. ©The Artist

Your first step is to get clear about what–EXACTLY–you want and need. You won’t get far with a vague request such as “We’ll take whatever you can give.” That’s not helpful to anyone. You must be specific that you need X amount, whether it’s cash or in-kind. An in-kind donation is a gift of goods or services (e.g. printing, advertising, food,

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Tire Cover with an Ad for Your Art

Tire Cover on Artist's Car

Barbara Rush was inspired during an art marketing class she took from me. She wrote:

Attached is a photo of my car with my “ad” on the tire cover. The people at the sign shop (Fast Signs) liked my idea so much that they photographed it and are placing it in their idea book. They also asked for a stack of my business cards so they could hand them out to any interested customers!

It came to a grand total of $79.55 (2007) which included removing the Honda logo sticker and placing my art on the wheel cover. It may cost more if you need the sign company to do any design work. I did not place my phone number on the ad as my main idea was to drive people to my website.