Control your art market


So proclaimed a headline on a luxury goods site last week. Before you let this news upset you, consider the context.

Whenever the art press talks about the Art Market, they are referring to the auction market–the secondary market in which art that was previously purchased is offered for sale by the owners.

The above headline leads into an article that declares auction estimates are way down for October from the previous October. Unless you are a collector offering art at the major auction houses or an artist whose work is in one of the auctions, this number doesn’t affect you.

You have your own art market.

You–not the auction houses–can control when, how, and for how much you sell your art. You can even control who purchases it if you like. Here

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Deep Thought Thursday: Well . . .

Does it look like the recession is over for you? How will you know when it’s over? How will your life be different? Tell us on today’s deep thought.

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Some findings from my survey about artists and the recession

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Artists: How is the recession affecting you?

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Tips on art marketing in this economy

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Podcast: Affirm Who You Will Be in Today's Economy

The sky is falling! Or so you’d think if you listen to the news day in and day out. But is it really? How will you BE in this economy? Decide and affirm.

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Affirm Who You Will Be in this Economy

Frightened by the latest headlines predicting dire times ahead? You’re not alone. I’ve received lots of requests to address the economic situation, and I’ve been mulling it over. I’ve been torn since I’m certainly not an expert on the economy. Heck, no one appears to know what the economy is going to do next! And if they say they do, they’re often proven wrong within 24 hours.

I’m also not an expert on the art market during recessions. When looking back at what the BIG art market has done during previous times of recession, I’ve read that the art market usually lags about a year behind the financial markets. But these are numbers from auction houses and big art fairs. Those numbers don’t really apply to most of my readers, so I caution not to read

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Personal Note: Look for Good Omens

The sky is falling! Or at least you’d think it is if you listen to news–especially television. We’re in for hard times, we’re fighting two wars, and things just don’t look good. Wait. Stop! Things aren’t that bad if you think of everything you have. I am truly grateful each and every day for the roof over my head, our beautiful home and neighborhood, a loving (and fun!) husband, friends, family, good health, freedom, YOU, and much more. I take time at night to write out my list of gratitudes. And I look at the list in the morning. I have more than probably 95% of the earth’s population. Life is very good. I am blessed.

Me and my new car, Margot

Still, last week when I was going to pick up my new

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Deep Thought Thursday: Artists and the slowing economy

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