What's at the top of your email message?

Most of the email messages I receive from artists and galleries have text at the top. There’s usually nothing wrong with text at the top of the email, but I’m convinced that recipients are more likely to open and read a message when the art is at the top.

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Do your emails provide a call to action?

You don’t get what you don’t ask for and Jill Rosoff wasn’t shy about asking her email subscribers for help. Jill went a step further than most artists do in their messages. She asked the people who most appreciate her art to share it with others who might be interested.

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How to Compel People to Click Through from Your Email to Your Website

Jill Rosoff

It’s rarely that an email announcing a new or updated website captures my attention. I was pleasantly surprised when I got Jill Rosoff’s email announcing her updated site. The message is pretty on the eyes and the text piqued my curiosity.

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Once Is Never Enough in Marketing

Deb Trotter Tweet

You send out an email, and you think you’re done. You post to your blog, and call it a day. You share an update on Facebook, and bask in your brilliance.

Before you take another bow, heed this cautionary tale.

I was alarmed to see this tweet from Deb Trotter in my Twitter stream:

I say “alarmed” because I thought I had been doing everything right to promote the Artist Conspiracy without going overboard. Some of my key actions have been:

Launched a test group so that a number of members were in place when the Conspiracy opened up to new members. Devoted an entire newsletter – Conspire Against the Myths (February 16) – to the launching of the Conspiracy. Organized a live, free call

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Podcast: Slow down and get your email blast right

The convenience of email makes it easy to take it for granted. Have an event or announcement to share with your list? Write your email blast early, edit and test it. It’s worth it and will give you better results.

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