Pick Up The Phone and Dial

Woman dialing a cell phone

Email is easy. I prefer email to the phone in almost every situation. ​Almost​. Sometimes you have to talk. Email is not good for picking up on subtleties about situations and building trust. Unless we’re extra careful with our messages, email can be easily misunderstood by all parties involved.

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How to Get Students to Visit Your Site

After the workshop, perhaps 5 days later, I send all students an email with a link to a special page just for them. This page has about 20 additional, highly relevant resources. I opt for doing it this way because:

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Repair the Leaks in Your Marketing

Marketing is a combination of everything you do to promote your art. You need to periodically examine the tools and platforms you’re using to promote your art to locate and repair the leaks in your marketing.

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Are you in charge of your workflow?

In his talk to the World Domination Summit, Behance Founder/CEO Scott Belsky encouraged us to stop reacting and start pro-acting (my word) in order to protect our ideas and make them happen. When we react, we are inviting others to prioritize our time. We allow others to steal our attention away from our big ideas.

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Pay Attention to This Post [Updated]

If you currently receive my blog updates through Feedblitz -> On Sunday, June 3, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription to the new service (aWeber). Please activate your subscription immediately!

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A Single, Focused Call to Action

Angela Bounds, Keeping Watch

In order for your last-minute marketing message to work, it must have a single choice – a single call to action. If you’re mucking up your marketing message by adding too much to it, you won’t be effective.

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8 Time-Saving Tips for Your Inbox

Isabella Kelly-Ramirez, Wildfire. Oil, 32 x 24 inches.

If you’re not overwhelmed by too much email, you’re one of the few.

If you’re fed up with hundreds of messages in your inbox or if you find that you’re not responding to very important messages, it’s time to get a grip on your email.

Here are my top time-saving tips for email.

1. Turn off your email notifications. You don’t need to be interrupted every time your Uncle Charlie sends you a joke. While you’re at it, turn off your notifications from social media sites. Rather than having information pushed at you constantly, pull it from those sites when you’re prepared to spend time there.

2. Stop saving messages for future reference. Don’t save anything in your

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Direct Traffic to 1-Stop Content Pages

Marianne Mitchell, Whitewashed

When you send people to the home page of your website, you’re asking them to decide where to click. You’ll have better results when you direct traffic to pages that lead to action.

©2009 Marianne Mitchell, Whitewashed. Oil pastel, 10 x 10 inches.

Note: I’m using the term “website,” but this advice can be applied with equal vigor to permalinks on your blogs.

1. Create the 1-Stop Content Pages (a.k.a. Landing Pages)

If you want people to see a new body of work, group all of the new work together on one page.

If you’re asking people to sign up for a workshop, gather the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How for the workshop on a single page.

If you are inviting people to an art opening,

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Mastering Subject Lines in 49 Characters or Less

Claudia Stevens, Black Sage (Salvia Mellifera). Botanical illustration.

The purpose of your email subject line is to get the recipient to open the email. It’s not a space-filler and should never be an afterthought.

You can’t take subject lines for granted.



Mix up your approach to subject lines to keep recipients interested. Break free from dull copy by bucking your usual conventions. Here are six tricks for better subject lines.

1. Make It Personal

Think about your subscribers and readers. Which ones are your strongest prospects? Which are your loyal collectors?

Write directly to these people as you’re crafting your message and your subject line by opting for the words You and Your over Me, My and Mine as much as possible. Write to them in a conversational, authentic tone.

2. Be Specific

Don’t use

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Email Subject Lines: Winners or Snoozers?

A sampling of email subject lines from my inbox over the past 3 weeks include the following without comment. I will tell you only that they are all from artists or galleries and most (if not all) of them I did not request. If you think one of these is yours, you might be right. But you might not be. A number of messages had the same or a very similar subject line.

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