Pointers on Wall Labels for Your Art Exhibition

Barbara Gilhooly painting label

Approach the making of the labels you place next to your artwork with thoughtfulness and common sense. At a bare minimum, your wall labels should include your name, object title, and media/support/technique. A retrospective of your work should also include the dates.

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What Papa Taught Me About Selling Art from the Trunk of His Car

Charles Pannage Sculpture

Papa didn’t care for any art other than his own and didn’t know the “rules” of the art world. Heck, he didn’t even know there was an art world! Getting into a gallery never entered his thoughts. He just drove around with a trunk full of sculptures to show to people.

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How to Pull Off a Sold-Out Show By Extending Your Antennae

Ruth Soller, Texas Longhorn in Palo Duro Canyon

Guest blogger Ruth Soller recently enjoyed her first-ever sold-out show at the Panhandle Plains Invitational Western Art Show and Sale after participating for four years. She shares 5 tips for how she did it – building on her successes and observations each year.

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Warning: Exhibiting Your Art is Good for You

Kathy Knaus takes some pride in seeing her work Joni IV on exhibit in a Denver gallery.

The Internet is an amazing tool, but it can never replace encountering a real work of art. Exhibiting your art allows you to have a dialogue with people about the work. You can’t help but learn and grow from these experiences.

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The Role of Exhibits < Deep Thought Thursday

Can artists have successful careers without exhibiting live? How? Will anything be forfeited?

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Real Live Art

Tatiana Garmendia, “Epic Ink Drawings” installation view.

I write a lot about promoting your art online because it’s cost effective and easy. But you shouldn’t be satisfied with showing your work only on the Internet.

Nothing can replace a live audience interacting with your art.

Tatiana Garmendia, “Epic Ink Drawings” installation at Monarch Contemporary in Seattle, WA. Dimensions vary. ©The Artist

Every time you show your art to someone, you add new layers of meaning to the work because viewers bring their experiences to an appreciation of it.

That’s why every exhibit enriches your art career.

My challenge to you is to book a new LIVE venue for exhibiting your art by January 15. Are you up for that? Share your commitment in a comment.

This post is an excerpt from today’s Art Biz Insider newsletter, which offers

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When 2 Minds Meet < Deep Thought Thursday

“Art viewing is nothing if not a connection between two minds, in my opinion.”

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The Venue’s Responsibilities for Your Art Exhibit

Walker Fine Art Gallery

As with any business arrangement, what an art venue agrees to take care for your exhibit of will depend on the venue. While non-art venues might leave everything up to the artist, there are certain things you should expect from any art venue.

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6 Categories for Your List of Artworks

When you show your art at any venue, you will be asked to provide a detailed list of works included. Here are 6 categories to include on that list.

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The Artist's Responsibilities for Any Exhibit

As an exhibiting artist, you have responsibilities. Never assume that venues (art galleries, nonprofit spaces, co-ops) will do all of the work for you. Here’s a list of things to think about.

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