Following up with a gallery submission

So, you’ve sent your portfolio to a gallery and haven’t heard back from them. Now that months have passed, what can you do? Is it too late?

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Give galleries what they want

You’ve done a lot of research to find galleries where your work fits, so don’t blow the submission process. While there is no standardized format for submitting your portfolio to galleries, you can earn points by being professional from the get-go. Find out what the gallery wants and follow its wishes to a T.

Many galleries have submission guidelines on their websites, so check there first. If they aren’t available (Did you check thoroughly?), pick up the phone and call. When someone answers the phone at the gallery, you say the following:

Hi, I’m Sandy Wooden. I’m calling to ask for your artist submission guidelines. I visited your website and didn’t find any posted, but I want to be sure that I understand your preferences.

This brief introduction (1) puts your name in front of the gallery,

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Promote Your Art Consistently

If you intend to remain in this art game for a long time, you have to be disciplined. You’re not only an artist, you’re a businessperson. You have to be devoted to both creating your art with tremendous passion and to promoting it with equal enthusiasm.

You must make self-promotion a part of your routine.

If art is your career, you don’t have promotional “campaigns” that can be marked by a beginning and an end. Rather, you have promotional habits and promotional practices. Promoting your art means time away from your art and things you might enjoy more. But no one–least of all successful artists–ever said being an artist was easy.

How much time should you devote to promoting your art? It depends. It depends on how much time you have for your art career. First, the art has to

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