4 Levels of Business Insurance for Artists (Podcast)

Karen Lockert textile art

Business insurance!

That’s our topic for this Art Biz Podcast.

Listen in as Claudia McClain, founder of HomeBusinessInsurance.com, addresses the various levels of an artist’s career and the kinds of insurance you need at each point.

You never think about business insurance until someone asks to see your certificate of insurance or, more likely, until it’s too late. Until something bad has happened.

If you are an artist selling your art and you don’t have a specific policy for your business, this episode is for you. Refrain from clicking the Play button at your peril …

Level 1: Homeowners Insurance Only

This is the earliest phase in an artist’s career and is for hobbyists only. You’re making art just for yourself, not to sell.

At the point when you start selling, you are considered a business by the IRS and must take additional steps to protect your business.

Level 2: Incidental Business Occupancy Endorsement

This is a very affordable option for your home studio, which is tacked onto your homeowners’ policy.

It doesn’t cover the instances when you take your art outside of your home, and it might not cover liability when you have visitors to your home studio. That’s when you need …

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Artists and Health Insurance

HealthCare.gov logo

I thought we should get a pulse on health insurance since everyone else is talking about it. Deep Thought . . . .Do you have health insurance? Did you get it for you as an individual or through work or a spouse? Have you tried to access health insurance through the HealthCare.gov site? Or have you used a state exchange?

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Is Your Art Business Prepared For Disaster?

Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF+)

Most artists don’t want to think about what might go wrong in their businesses. It’s not sexy to talk about backing up, getting insurance, or mitigating risk. Art Biz Blog readers (you!) know that these unsexy topics are necessary to confront. Do not put this off. Right about now you’re probably saying Bor-ing! and you want to leave. But this is critical. Take a look at any of the stories on the Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF+) website and you’ll see that many artists haven’t acted in time.

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Broken < Deep Thought Thursday

Kim Bruce, Ink Pot

Have you ever shown at a venue that broke or damaged one of your artworks and didn’t offer to remunerate you for the loss? What did you do?

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Is your art business prepared for flood? Fire?

Today is MayDay, a day that has been set aside to encourage those in the cultural communities to prepare for disaster. CERF+ encourages all artists to consider taking these 5 steps toward peace of mind. The Studio Protector is a handy reference tool with basic checklists for emergency preparation and response.

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@abstanfield Tweekly

The best of my latest tweets on Twitter–all cleaned up for you in today’s blog post. I’ve got ideas for business cards, a survey on artist insurance, a discussion about photography in art museums, and a first-rate museum exhibit that everyone should see. Check it out!

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Are you ready for a disaster?

What would you save first if a hurricane or tornado were headed your way? How would you go about salvaging the wreckage after a flood or earthquake? Do you have a fire safety plan in place?

Even if you don’t live in a place considered to be prone to natural disasters, you still need to be prepared for more localized disasters like studio fires and broken pipes.

Enter The Studio Protector

The Studio Protector (The Artist’s Guide to Emergencies) was created by the esteemed Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF), whose mission is to strengthen and sustain the careers of artists by building emergency readiness and relief support.

The Studio Protector–which is wall-mounted, like a calendar–helps you create and implement a plan. It features two spinning

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