The Moment of Flailing Panic

Deep Thought Thursday : In the creation of any work of art, there is some point, no matter how much training and experience is brought to bear on the work at hand, when the artist is taken with a feeling of both exhilaration and terror, the Oh shit. What the hell have I gotten myself into! moment

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Art is Protest < Deep Thought Thursday

ART IS PROTEST. – John Perreault What do you think?

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When do you destroy your art? < Deep Thought Thursday

When do you decide it’s time to give up on a piece and recycle its components?

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Finished? < Deep Thought Thursday

How do you know when an artwork is finished? When is it time to sign the work and move on?

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Go Make Art

Mira M. White, Who Wears the Hat? Mixed media on museum board

Your art career takes off in the studio. Without the hard work you do there, you are not an artist.

Are you devoting enough time to the studio?

Mira M. White, Who Wears the Hat? Mixed media on museum board.

Sure, I wrote a whole book about getting your art out of the studio, but that’s my job. With everything I write or teach, I’m trying to help you garner attention for your art.

But nothing I say will be useful unless you put artmaking first.

Without your art, you have nothing to promote. You have nothing to take out of the studio and share with the world.

Your art is your voice. It’s how you communicate

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New < Deep Thought Thursday

Do you have “New Works” on your website or blog? How long is New new?

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What do you do when you’re blocked? < Deep Thought Thursday

How do you get over creative blocks? How do you start making art again?

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What is a body of work?

The definition of a body of work varies from artist to artist. For one artist, a body of work might be defined by size. For another artist, it might be color, media, or subject matter.

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Making Art as a Battle Between Artist and Material

Bruce Nauman profile. Artist as observer and synthesizer of words and ideas. And nothing is easy. Every piece of art is a struggle. If you struggle with your work, you’re in good company.

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Get Back in the Studio and Make Art!

Jacqui Beck, To The Cypress, acrylic and mixed media

Without your art, you have nothing to market, and there would be no need for you to read this blog.

Without your art, you wouldn’t be an artist. You’d just have an interesting hobby.

Without your art, your gifts to the world would be fewer and far less original.

Get back in the studio and make art!

Jacqui Beck, To The Cypress. Acrylic and mixed media, 10 x 20 inches. ©The Artist

Every week I give you an art marketing action to try or to tweak. What I don’t say in each issue is that your art must be your priority. I’m here to give you ideas for promoting and selling your art. It’s your job to put your art first—before the marketing.

In Linchpin, author

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