Secrets for Becoming More Approachable: Audio Interview

Scott Ginsberg

Artists must nurture excellent communication skills, be approachable, and learn how to handle the opportunities that arise for obtaining gallery representation and selling to buyers. I called on Scott Ginsberg of “Hello My Name is Scott” fame to talk with me about how we can do a better job of this.

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How to Meet New People

E. Brady Robinson, Andrea Pollan's Desk

Photographer E. Brady Robinson got to know arts leaders in the Washington, D.C. area by initiating a project to photograph their desks.

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The Social Part of Being an Artist < Deep Thought Thursday

What does being social and likeable have to do with an artist’s success?

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After the Business Card Exchange

When people hand you their business cards, what do you do with them? What you DON’T do is add them to a bulk email list. Aside from that, you still want to keep in touch. Here’s a process that works for me.

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How to Find a Mastermind Partner

I can’t say enough about the power of masterminding to build your art business and attain career goals. I encourage you to try it in whatever form is best for you. In this post, I give you some tips for finding a mastermind buddy.

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Hobnobbing: Should You Stay or Should You Go? < Deep Thought Thursday

Does appearing at the opening of a show of over 100 paintings by the top watercolorists in the country and beyond justify the cost of travel, room & board, and other expense? What do you think?

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Meet New People (Before You Ask for Anything)

Paul Garbett, Beach Crow, Oil on canvas

Your network of friends, artists, family and acquaintances is your most important asset. But don’t stop there! You must keep meeting new people–those who can help with your career and enrich your life.

Paul Garbett, Beach Crow. Oil on canvas, 36 x 60 inches. ©The Artist

Always remember: It’s more comfortable to introduce yourself when you’re not asking for something. That’s why it’s important to meet people and build professional relationships before you need to ask for their help.

Whom would you like to meet? Who would be good contacts for you to make?

After you’ve identified people you’d like to get to know, embrace the attitude that you do not want anything immediately from them. You might request their opinions and ideas, but you will not

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Art Marketing Action Podcast: Meet New People (Before You Ask for Anything)

Audio version of the post with the same name. You must keep meeting new people–those who can help with your career and enrich your life. It’s easier than ever to meet people, but it requires effort.

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Mingling at holiday parties and/or art openings

How do you overcome the terror of going to a party or reception where you might not know a single soul? How do you get comfortable with being uncomfortable? Here are some tips for breaking the ice at your holiday party or art opening.

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Podcast: Include prior connections on your mailing list

Are you assuming–perhaps incorrectly–that certain connections are separate from your art connections? Regardless of the type of work you did before diving into your art career, every contact you have made is valuable.


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