Why Artists Publish A Newsletter

The imaginary conversation in this article was inspired by a question in Art Biz Bootcamp from Liz Kalloch.

Let’s talk about anything you want. You start. . . I want to talk about my newsletter. I hate receiving other people’s newsletters when they’re mostly “buy stuff from me,” so I’m looking for other options to make my newsletter valuable to recipients. Ultimately, the purpose of my newsletter is to create sales. . . Whoa. I was with you until that last sentence. Your artist newsletter isn’t for making sales.

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Untangling Blogs and Newsletters

© Bonnie Jean Woolger, Ink drawing. Used with permission.

Have you wondered why you write regularly on your artist blog and send a newsletter? Seems like you’re duplicating effort, right? You’re tangled up in knots because you can’t see the difference between the two or the value in having both. Let’s see if I can help untangle this mess for you.

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Coordinating Your Marketing Efforts

Sara Drescher Braswell coordinates her marketing efforts across platforms.

Artists everywhere are throwing their arms up in frustration. Sure, it’s great to have free self-promotion tools on the Internet, but . . . Dang! . . . enough already! Website, blog, newsletter, email, Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest. The list just keeps exploding. How do you keep up with it all? The answer is: You can’t!

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A Simple Structure for Creating Content

If you’re looking to expand your online presence and influence, content creation is paramount. Here’s a simple 2-step process to follow in creating a content structure.

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Why Most Artist Newsletters Stink (and What To Do About It)

Three words that can revolutionize artist newsletters: Focus! Focus! Focus! The mission of your newsletter should be to engage people and to forge a stronger connection between readers and your art.

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Eye Candy in My Inbox

Take a look at how the newsletter from the American Craft Council so visually appealing. Then consider how your art is visually laid out on a page. How do your colors, fonts, and images relate to one another? Squint your eyes. Is the art the most important element in the message?

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Artist Newsletters < Deep Thought Thursdays

A few months back, Laura said that she felt the idea of newsletters is “broken.” Since I’ve been wrestling with the format of the Art Marketing Action newsletter for a few months now, Laura’s comment got me thinking. Are newsletters still of value?

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The Process of Producing a Newsletter

I start writing the Art Marketing Action newsletter a week ahead of time. I have Evernote notebooks full of possible topics to write on, but my best newsletters are in response to something happening at the moment.

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Raising Your Prices: A Lesson for Breaking the News

Wendy Edsall-Kerwin faithfully sends a tri-fold newsletter about her metalwork 8 times a year. Her Winter 2011 edition caught my eye because of this article, in which she shows collectors why she must raise her prices

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Strategic e-marketing: Everything should be connected

Alison Wilson

Are you driving people from your website to your blog and from your newsletter to your blog and website? And is your social media presence closely linked with the rest of your online persona? Be sure you’re thinking of your e-marketing in total. Each element isn’t separate, but is part of your network of strategic e-marketing.

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