Find a Niche for Your Art with Maria Brophy (Podcast)

Author Maria Brophy

Maria Brophy has served as an art agent to her husband, Drew Brophy, since 2001. Since then she has also helped thousands of other artists plan their careers, increase sales, and negotiate deals. Her experience and secrets are chronicled in her new book, Art Money Success.

I asked Maria what she was most excited about these days, and she gave me a pretty decent list.

I liked #1 on that list: niche markets. Done! Now we can talk.

In this episode of the Art Biz Podcast, Maria and I discuss:

  • What is a niche market?
  • 4 types of niche markets for artists: 1. Style of art 2. Lifestyle 3. Geographic location 4. Purpose
  • How to find your niche audience.

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Marketing to Your Niche the Donnie Brasco Way

You want to sell your paintings or photographs of gardenias to the local garden club members, but they won’t give you the time of day. Have you stopped to consider it might not be your art but your approach? The garden club doesn’t know your background or where you came from. They just know you’re (another) someone trying to sell them something.

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