22 Social Media Updates About Your Show That Won’t Bore Your Followers

22 Social Media Updates That Won't Bore Your Followers | Art Biz Coach

You’re having an exhibition of your art. Congratulations!

The promotional postcards are designed and ready to be sent. Check! You’ve planned a couple of emails to your list. Check!

Now … what can you share with your friends, fans, and followers that is more interesting than “Come see my show!” but relates the message that they’re really going to miss out if they’re not there?

How do you tweet, post, shoot, and pin your exhibition without boring your followers and yourself?

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Bite-Sized Social Media Insights

Col Mitchell's Facebook Page

I am lucky to interview people who have plenty of knowledge to help artists grow their businesses. Coincidentally, the three most recent interviews I’ve conducted have been related to social media. While my clients might have focused on one part of the interviews, I had my own takeaways. Here are my big insights from each of these.

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5 Ways for Artists to Get More Pinterest Followers

Guest blogger Beth Hayden says more and more artists are jumping into the world of Pinterest every day. If you’re one of them, and if you’re like the new pinners I know, you’ll inevitably start wondering, “How do I get more Pinterest followers?” Building a Pinterest following takes time, so you’ll need patience. These five suggestions should get you started.

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Cheat Sheet For Social Media Status Updates

Roopa Dudley shares a photo and quote from Frida Kahlo, one of her inspirations, on her Facebook page.

I’ve been fumbling around with social media updates lately. What can I share with followers to keep it fresh? What can I share that will be re-posted by others? I created my list, and then I decided to create one for you. I had Facebook in mind, but you can use it with your favorite social media site.

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Twitter Tweekly for November 3 2012

@abstanfield on Twitter

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for! The bi-weekly round-up of my top tweets on Twitter. A little of this and a little of that. I selected just the highlights for you. Here we go!

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Don't Pin It and Forget It - Promote Your Pinterest Boards

Few will argue that Pinterest provides incredible exposure for visual brands; except maybe artists. Once you move beyond the copyright violation argument artists wage against the Internet, Pinterest still remains a fabulous option for creatives who want other people to see their art.

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Is the Pinterest Problem Really a Problem?

Just as guest blogger Beth Hayden and I were going to press with the Pinterest post on Monday, the s**t hit the fan. This blogger and that blogger have been raising legitimate concerns about Pinterest’s Terms of Service and copyright infringement. There is enough worry out there that I felt it necessary to follow up on this topic.

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How Artists Can Harness the Power of Pinterest

Pinterest for Your Art Business

Pinterest is a great way to showcase your best work to a targeted audience of artists, galleries, and potential customers. Here are some suggestions for artists who want to harness the power of Pinterest.

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