Do You Reveal Your Politics? (Curious Monday)

Roseate Spoonbills painting by Allison Richter

Things are heating up in the presidential race and online.

And it’s getting nasty. One client asked me how I deal with reading about it all in my Facebook feed and I said, I don’t. I really don’t read my feed much. It’s too upsetting. I can connect with my students and clients through our private groups, where the energy is much more positive.

What’s right for you?

Do you take a stand publicly for your political opinions? (You don’t have to tell us what they are.)

Where do you draw the line?

Do you find yourself getting trapped in political conversations on social media?

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Should My Hometown Deaccession Public Sculpture of Lesser Quality? (Curious Monday)

Brother and Sister at the Rodeo - Sculpture in Golden, Colorado

There’s an art controversy in my sleepy little hometown of Golden, Colorado.

Six bronze sculptures have been recommended for deaccession from the City’s collection. The reasoning:

– They were mass produced in China.

– They are judged to be of lesser quality.

– They are signed by “fake” artists. No one can find an artist by these names.

And, yet, many people love these pieces.

I’m curious about what you think.

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Artist-inventors have changed the world

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Do we need a Secretary of the Arts?

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Deep Thought Thursday: Granting panels

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Why My Business is Purple

I have definite opinions about politics. And I’m pretty politically aware. Heck, I used to work in the U.S. Senate! I may be lean to one side, but my business is purple.

In a country where divisions between blue and red are often so deeply felt, I can’t see that anything good would come of my bringing politics into my business. I don’t take sides and I don’t join political groups on Facebook. You won’t find pictures of me at political rallies on my Facebook page either.

The boss I worked for in the Senate was one of the key proponents of bipartisanship–working together to solve problems. I, too, believe it’s possible to find common ground. But we have to listen. We have to really hear and understand the other side.

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Deep Thought Thursday: The arts today

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Deep Thought Thursday: Art and politics

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A survey of artists

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Questions about art and policy for our candidates

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