2 Guidelines for Requesting a Donation

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You’re probably accustomed to people asking you to donate your art to this or that cause, but have you ever been on the other side? Have you ever been the one making the request for a donation? There will come a time in your art career when you must ask for donations. Not just money, but also gifts of services or products.

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Are You Sending Wimpy Cover Letters?

Guest blogger Debby L. Williams discusses three critical aspects to consider when submitting a cover letter to respond to call for entries or applying for a residency or grant.

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Submit a Solid Art Proposal

Understand a project fully before you begin a proposal. Make sure you can do it and that you can articulate your abilities. Follow seven other steps to strengthen your proposals and your chances at winning the projects.

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Podcast: Seize This Opportunity

Now is a good time to send an exhibit proposal to your local museum. Take the lead!

Mentioned in this podcast: Draft a Winning Exhibition Proposal

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Submit a Proposal You Are Proud Of

There is no right or wrong way to submit a proposal unless you’ve been asked to write it in a particular format. Grant applications come to mind. Always follow directions for grant applications.

Joe Versikaitis emailed me because he has a terrific opportunity to submit a portrait proposal to a dream client, and he didn’t want to blow it. He writes:

. . . knowing that [this prospective client] has 30 years of marketing experience, should I be formal with this? For example, should I have a cover letter, a quote letter, and a thank you letter? Or should I just give him one letter with a quick thank you paragraph and then the quote for the art work? What is the proper way to write quotes and present them?

As I said above, I

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Workshop proposals

I am packing and getting ready to head to Oklahoma (to visit family) and then to Amarillo, Texas to lead a workshop on Saturday. I know of at least three artists driving from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and I’m always excited to hang out with committed artists for the day.

The Amarillo workshop, like all of my workshops, started with a request for a proposal. It’s nine pages long and is sent as a PDF file in an email. I used to send them in nice envelopes, but most people wanted them ASAP, which meant they had to go email. The pages of my proposals are in this order:

1. Cover letter / thank you for the opportunity 2. What is involved in committing to a workshop 3. Sample workshop 4. Fees 5. Sample

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