What Is Your Art Business Costing You?

Even if your sales are good, have you taken time to evaluate your expenses? You may be surprised to learn that venues where you have decent sales don’t necessarily increase your income.

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Restart Your Intentions for 2012

The year is half over. Are you halfway through accomplishing your intentions for 2012? Don’t sweat it if you’re not. There’s still time! Just start over. Right here, right now. Let July be a fresh start for you. Let’s talk income goals since this is a business blog.

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Why Does One Artist Sell Better Than Another?

Deep Thought Thursday. There are 2 artists. One is consistently selling more work. What are the 3 primary factors that lead to this artist’s work selling better than the other artist’s?

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Mana Is the Magic Behind Selling Your Art

When someone purchases your artwork, they are obtaining a piece of your creativity, a connection to your talent and vision. By interacting with your audience, you share your creative spirit and set up a memorable connection.

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You Say Customer, I Say Collector

At one of my fall workshops, a woman said to me, “You know . . . you haven’t used the word ‘customer’ once.” She wondered aloud why I hadn’t used that word. She was surprised it wasn’t in my workshop vocabulary.

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The Relevance of Sales < Deep Thought Thursday

Ginny Stanford, Autumn

How important are sales to you? How important are sales for your self-esteem? How do you keep going when your art isn’t selling?

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Selecting Images for Greeting Cards

Brennan McElhaney

Brennen McElhaney recently asked fans on Facebook to tell him which images they preferred for greeting cards. This got me thinking. Do some images/styles/colors sell better as greeting cards than others?

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The Right Audience – Where are they?

Finding the “right audience” key to successful sales, but how do you go about doing that?

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Accepting Credit Cards with Square

Square credit card processor makes it easy for anyone in the U.S. with a smart phone to accept and process credit cards. There are downsides to every form of accepting credit cards, but I’m quite pleased with Square and see little risk in encouraging you to give it a try.

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Have a Sale with Class

Carol W. Larson, Relic III. Hand-dyed and painted textile. (c) The Artist

I’m having a big sale this week. I can recall only one other sale in the history of ArtBizCoach.com and that was my 5-year anniversary sale last year. This is even bigger because all of the audio is 20-40% off. It was time. If you’ve ever had a sale or ever considered having a sale, read on.

I don’t usually recommend sales for artists. They seem to somehow cheapen the art. You’d never witness a high-end gallery with a neon “SALE” sign in the window. As they say, it just isn’t done. Our product is above that. But we do know that even high-end galleries offer discounts to certain collectors as well as to museums. So,

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