Artist Salons: 6 elements for a thriving group, part 1

Any artist can start a group, but how can you ensure it will thrive? How can you make it worth the members’ time? There are 6 elements for a thriving artist salon. I give you the first three in this post: Organizer, Vision, and Members.

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Organize a Marketing Salon

Feeling a little lonely in your studio? Discouraged by lack of support from “close” friends and loved ones? Need a dose of motivation or the challenge of fresh ideas?

Organize an artist salon!

A salon is a social gathering of artists and intellectuals hosted at regular intervals by a patron in his or her home. Such convivial settings for the art of conversation emerged in Paris at the beginning of the seventeenth century.—Robert Atkins in ArtSpoke

Members of the Miami, FL marketing salon meet for the first time.

No word other than “salon” better describes these meetings of highly creative people brimming with ideas. My study of art history led me to learn about the numerous communities that have nurtured artists and expanded what art can be. Some were more formal communities,

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