Build Your Own Website In 10 Minutes (Not)

Holly Van Hart’s portfolio of paintings.

Guest blogger Holly Van Hart shares she read in several places that you could “create your own website in 10 minutes” with WordPress. While she never believed it would take 10 minutes, she never imagined it would take 100 hours. Perhaps you can benefit from Holly’s experience. “I already had an art website, a contract with a web hosting service, a domain name, and a blog hosted by Google (Blogger). But my site was 5 years old and needed to be totally overhauled with new, fresh content and current styling. It also needed to be integrated with my blog. . . .

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Your Email List vs. Your Contact List


A recent lesson in the No-Excuse Art Biz Bootcamp led me to review previous posts and I found room for some clarification on this topic. So . . . Here’s a look at how I see your two primary lists. 1. Your Email List

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How Evernote Can Save Your Relationships with Collectors

Database/spreadsheet programs for artists can be complex and clunky. Guest blogger Laurie McCarriar outlines 5 ways to use Evernote, a free app for Mac, PC & mobile devices, to cultivate collectors.

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Features to Look for in Artist Software

I’m often asked by artists which software they should select for their mailing list and inventory. I can’t answer that question since I’m not a user.

I do know, however, that my clients are very happy with Artwork Archive.

These are some of the features that I would want in a database. I’d make sure any program had the ability to:

Print labels and reports directly from the program without having to export data Change formatting or add fields Categorize the mailing list (friends, family, collectors, prospects, . . . ) Add photos Export data in a CSV file format Import data from a CSV file format (especially if you currently have a lot of information stored in Excel) Search for records by keywords, media, name, or whatever

What am I missing? What couldn’t you live without

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