Gas is cheap! Come to Estes Park!

(Event has passed.)

As if you need more reasons to visit Estes Park for my “promoting your art online” workshop May 2-3, here we go.

Incentive #3 Hop in the car and fill it up with friends because gas is WAY cheaper than it was last year!

Your gang can share one of the cozy cabins at the YMCA of the Rockies (our host), share expenses, and share driving time.

While you’re in Estes Park, you can share your enthusiasm and ideas for promoting your art.

Read the details (early registration ends April 1!).

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Denver: Another reason to come to Estes Park

(Event has passed.)

There are all kinds of reasons you should pack your bags and hop in the car or drive to Estes Park for the weekend of May 1-3. Learning how to promote your art more effectively online is the BIG reason. Being around artists is another (Incentive #1). But today, I’m going to temp you with . . .

Incentive #2 Come to my workshop in Estes Park because Denver is less than two hours away.

If you’re coming from a distance, you’ll land in Denver, so plan to spend some extra time in this amazing city. You won’t want to miss these art attractions.

Denver Art Museum

Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver

Luis Jimenez’s monumental blue Mustang at Denver International Airport

Lawrence Argent’s big blue bear

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Register for art-marketing workshop in California and save

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Must attend! smARTist Telesummit Virtual Reception

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Collaboration, museums, and income generators

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Free teleconference on art licensing

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Workshop proposals

I am packing and getting ready to head to Oklahoma (to visit family) and then to Amarillo, Texas to lead a workshop on Saturday. I know of at least three artists driving from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and I’m always excited to hang out with committed artists for the day.

The Amarillo workshop, like all of my workshops, started with a request for a proposal. It’s nine pages long and is sent as a PDF file in an email. I used to send them in nice envelopes, but most people wanted them ASAP, which meant they had to go email. The pages of my proposals are in this order:

1. Cover letter / thank you for the opportunity 2. What is involved in committing to a workshop 3. Sample workshop 4. Fees 5. Sample

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Podcast: Lay out your curriculum

Your art education doesn’t end with formal schooling. It’s back to school time!


(Check back to the blog tomorrow for the promised list of books.)

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Ready for a breakthrough?

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I bring artists together

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