Are You Sending Wimpy Cover Letters?

Guest blogger Debby L. Williams discusses three critical aspects to consider when submitting a cover letter to respond to call for entries or applying for a residency or grant.

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Why Working in Coffee Shops Works

Computer at Coffee Shop

Grab your computer or your art materials and get thee to a coffee shop. There are at least four reasons to leave home and work amid the white noise of a café.

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Being Heard Above the Noise

Dawn Brose-Jerome, One Step at a Time. Watercolor on paper.

You not only need ideas for your art, but also for content in newsletters, blog posts, and social media updates.

Artists trying to connect with others online are also content-generators.

Dawn Brose-Jerome, One Step at a Time. Watercolor on paper, 22.5 x 30 inches. ©The Artist

How do you come up with something to say that is worthy of being heard above the noise?

Step 1 The first step to generating ideas is to identify your audience.

Step 2 Identify your purpose for connecting through these platforms.

Step 3 Listen to your ideal audience.

Step 4 Finally, mind map your content on paper.

How do you generate content ideas in order to be heard above

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Steal These Blog Post Formulas

You can adapt my process to create a list of content ideas for your blog or newsletter. If you already have scattered lists, bring them together and update the topics. Maybe this list of blog post formulas might inspire you.

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A Thesaurus for Your Art

Keep a library of words in a database or notebook. What words can you count on? What words do you need to have at the ready for your next brochure, artist statement, or wall label?

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Art Marketing Action: Shine the Spotlight on Someone Else

Need ideas for your newsletter or blog? Would you like more people to see your artwork online? This newsletter and podcast give you three ideas to make fast friends, get easy content, and increase your Web traffic.

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Editing Tips for Artists (Part 1: Pre-editing)

From this week’s Art Marketing Action newsletter, I encourage you to edit carefully what you put out for public consumption. Not necessarily your blog. Blogs are more free-flowing, organically grown beasts. But edit your statement, brochures, biographies, and websites so that you have fewer words with bigger impact.

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