5 Timelines To Help You Plan

Throughout my years in business, I have found timelines to be invaluable for planning.

Regardless of how much or little you have going on, timelines help you sleep better at night since you know you have all of your bases covered.

I created five timelines to help.


1. Publishing A Blog Post or Newsletter

Gather content ideas – ongoing
First draft – 1 week out
First edit – 2 days before publishing
Final edit, schedule post/delivery – day before publishing

Publishing is a process. Nobody writes a publishable article on the first draft. Schedule your writing and editing time wisely.

2. Redesigning A Website

Interview and hire a designer – ASAP (they have lots of other clients!)
Research designs you like – 2-3 months out from launch
Decide what content stays and what goes – 7 weeks out
Rewrite/update content – 6 weeks out
Give content and images to the designer – 4-5 weeks out

Your designer will have his or her own timeline. Ask for it!

3. Promoting An Exhibition Opening

Announcement in newsletter – ASAP
Save-the-date postcard – 1 month out
Email invitation – 2 weeks out
Email reminder – day before the opening
Email reminder – 1 week before closing
Social media posts – ongoing

Remember: It’s almost guaranteed that no single person will see or pay attention to all of these.

4. Following Up

New acquaintances – email or handwritten note within 3 days
Potential buyers – immediately
Interested media/writers – immediately
Email subscribers – 2-3 emails within first week as this is when they are most excited to hear from you

We’ll talk more about how to follow up using autoresponders in the workshop this fall in Colorado.

5. Scheduling An Exhibition Venue

Non-art venue – varies
Art venues – at least 1 year in advance
Top tier galleries – 2-3 years in advance
Museums – 3 years or longer

How do you use timelines in your art business? What timelines do you need that aren’t here?

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