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Catch up on some of my tweets you might have missed over the past few weeks.


for smARTist 2012: “6 Actions to Guarantee Collectors Remember You” Get on the early list (aff link)

My fav new comment on bad design: “How did that make it out of committee?”

(some) Contemp art sales outperform S&P500. Businessweek via @BW

Top art stories of 2011 via @artnetdotcom

Twitter BirdProof that ppl might by much later: Just made 1st sale to someone who has been on my list 2753 days !

Wow! @bettymliu shares Before & After pics of her newly organized studio

Roberta Smith’s best exhibits of 2011. NYT slideshow

Holland Carter’s best of 2011 includes opening of @Still_Museum

10 Ways to Beat Post Exhibition Blues – Lori McNee Artist

Any #artists have a wtn agreement with a coffee shop or café they care to share? Something short & sweet?

If you want ppl to know your art is for sale, show the price.

I think the new FB timeline cover image is about 930 x 340 pixels 850 x 315 pixels

Coaching support for 2012: @originalimpulse ‘s rates go up on Jan 13. Get the insider’s deal now!

I’m a geek for planning. Really digging these fr @CharlieGilkey

RT @ExpressionofArt: Thx @abstanfield for sharing this in ur GO! class: How Clutter Reflects Your Life @fengshuikatie

Excellent series for starting up a video blog on @jeffbullas Pt 1:

7 reasons creative ppl don’t talk about money via @markmcguinness

How to get a day off via @inspiredjen

“Rock that damn boat” says @coachoncall

Confidence is a result of doing the best work you can do. Put in the hours and you’ll start believing more in your art.

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