Twitter Tweekly for July 1 2012

Once Lisa Call got me all fired up about my Klout score, I started tweeting a bit more. There are some real gems here if you’re ready to receive them.

Art Biz Resources

Art Biz workshops in TX and IL this fall. Early reg deadlines coming up

Inventory/Contact list software Bento now on sale for just $29. I recommend for artists who are Mac users

Paonia, CO has an art lending library for 4 months at a time

Follow Alyson on Twitter

Vis artists’ guide to estate planning. Free download.

This article helped me write the Art Biz Insider for next week. Love the structure!

Do not date your artwork, says @robertgenn What do you think?

Afraid of public speaking? I highly recommend Be Heard Now by Lee Glickstein. Also see May be 1 in your area


MT @lorimcneeartist: What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast via @FastCompany

Who’s an Entrepreneur Now?… via @Inc # of women has decreased!

Ageism in the art world. via @CoagulaMagazine Huff Post

In Their Own Words: Artists and Community via @Zite

Fun, Funny, and Maybe a Little Scary

New Thomas Hart Benton bio. NYT

Hotel Offers Rooms in Exchange for Art via @hyperallergic

Overheard in the Art World via @hyperallergic <These are funny!

Artworld is going to hell if scholars can’t speak up w/o being sued NYT

Social Media

Following your Klout score? WIRED… via @lisacall

Nice artist cover photo on FB

Don’t forget to fill out “About” on your FB page. It’s what people see! Add your URL there

Just ordered @bethjhayden ‘s new book on Pinterest: “Pinfluence” Way to go Beth!

Follow @abstanfield on Twitter for the most timely news for your art business.


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