Twitter Tweekly for December 1 2013

Happy December! My Twitter stream wasn’t too active for the past two weeks, but here are a few of the best tweets from my fingertips.

72% of ft craft artists net <$25,000 per year from their art with 45% of them <$10,000 per year via @craftemergency…

How are exhibitions planned and produced? Portrait of a Curator –

Follow Alyson on TwitterWhat 3 adjectives do you want people to use when they talk about you or your art?

RT @jaybaer: 5 Reasons You Need to Give Away The Recipe For Your Secret Sauce < #artists take note

Don’t send your invitations as attachments only. No one will open them.

Brag on my Organize Your Art Biz student @JaneLaFazio See the Before & After of her office…

Using an editorial calendar for your blog posts… via @AmyPorterfield

Shenzhen Airport Terminal 3 by Studio Fuksas opened < beautiful!


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