Twitter Tweekly for January 12 2014

The Tweekly took a break for the holidays so we’re playing catch up. Here is a curated list of helpful, interesting, and entertaining tweets from the past few weeks.

Quick reminder to change © date info on your sites, newsletter, etc.

The more personal you make an email, the better response you’ll get.

Follow Alyson on TwitterYou have to know where you stand if you want to expand

25 Creative Ways to Use Facebook Cover Photos || neat!


When You’re Feeling Self-Doubt & a Lack of Motivation via @zenhabits

Doing These Simple Things After Waking Up Makes Your Day Better But You Don’t Realize

13 things mentally strong people avoid via @beckyjoyartist…@Forbes

9 Ways To Create Time, Space, and Stillness For Meaningful Work

Neat! Look at Maggie Ruley’s income plan for 2014… #artists #artbiz

Art Manifesto from Becky Joy Fine Art

Blogs and Blogging

Blog Triage

6 More Ways to Create Unique Content for Your Blog

11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs [Infographic] via @copyblogger

Truly useful post about a blog redesign…

25 Content Marketing Ideas for People Who Don’t Like to Write!… via @PamMktgNut

Get your Forever stamps now before USPS prices go up on January 26

The Art World

Charlie Rose Vs. Richard Serra: A via @gallerist

The top 10 auction lots of 2013 raised $752.2 million

The Art Market: The beginning of a new world order for sales? –

10 Best Art Books of 2013

Is art a good investment? Actually, it underperforms the S&P, one study finds.


7 Idioms Almost Everyone Gets Wrong < good to know Idioms Almost Everyone Gets Wrong < good to know

Artists: Share your self-portraits in a comment on my FB page here:… (the ultimate selfies!)

Humorous Photography Flowchart Helps You Decide Whether or Not to Take a Photo< funny!


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