Twitter Tweekly for February 23 2014

I’ve been riding the stationary bike every morning, which means I have time to catch up on reading. I found some good stuff to tweet during the past couple of weeks.

Here are the best of them.

Craft Artist Income Survey

Income survey of craft artists – good to know… via @craftemergency

Art & Artists

“My skills pay the bills” – cool new artist Ts from @ProArtistMag…

Behind the Smashing of a Vase @nytimesarts

Follow Alyson on TwitterAre more eccentric artists perceived as better artists? via @MorningEdition<only if authentic, they say

President Obama Writes Apology to Art Historian < love this

Should children be banned from museums?

RT @ArtsyShark: Sales Skills for Artists: 12 Ways to Head Off Objections –

Great tax info, checklists, and worksheets for#artists

Designed to Sell: The Unconventional Guide to Creative Freedom <Check it out! Chris does it right

Yikes! Super shady art dealer arrested for cyber-stalking. Be careful out there.…

Artist @gallegosart gives “pay what you want” in-depth painting lesson…

Thank you @JuliaKirt @ovac for your info on donations in my comments… Super helpful!

Online Design

10 Great Sites to Easily Add Graphics to Your Content | Liz Strauss at Successful Blog via @lizstrauss

43 Split-Tests That (Almost) Always Boost Conversions via @DigitalMktr

This Is How Colors of Your Brand Affect Conversions and Engagement

General Biz & Marketing

Buttering to the Edges – delight people!

What to Do When You’re Sick of Your Blog… via @copyblogger

7 Secret Gmail Features You Didn’t Know Existed

Mohiomap-Evernote Mindmapping Tool to Find Time

5 Ways to Use Twitter Scheduling to Enhance Your Marketing

5 Social Media Habits of Highly Annoying People via @Inc

First fall in love with your concept, but then get over that and fall in love with your customer via @WSJ…

How to Use Social Media to Promote an Event <super helpful…


We must tackle the things that are most difficult to excel via @ThisIsSethsBlog

How to Make Yourself Work When You Just Don’t Want To – @HarvardBiz

How to Overcome Morning Peevishness: Advice from an Antarctic Explorer < love this idea

Haters and Critics: How to Deal with People Judging You and Your Work by @james_clear


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