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Some things you might have missed if you stepped away from your computer at the wrong time last week.

Art Marketing Stuff

Check out @johnnordell welcome page on FB. http://www.facebook.com/johnnordell Nice job, John!

Artist calls meetup group “Like-Minded Artists” after reading IRBITS. Cool

RT @lisacall: Name your own price and own my art http://bit.ly/9vBllE
Twitter Bird

Don’t force your artist statement to fit. Write another one!

RT @Bookgal: 40 useful things you can share on Twitter besides blog posts http:

eBay artist rips off another. Pretty funny thread of correspondence to read

Nominate your fav artist Twitter bio. Need examples for my book. Knock my socks off! (RT from long ago)

RT @originalimpulse: Artists with great videos? I need examples for Blog Triage class with @abstanfield

To Think About

Why Seth Godin is a class act: the day his TED video (hysterical video!) comes out, he promotes someone else’s TED video rather than his own @ThisIsSethsBlog

Women: Get savvy about your finances. How retirement planning shortchanges women. WSJ

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