Twitter Tweekly for May 17, 2014

An abbreviate list of my top tweets from the past two weeks since I’m away.

Sometimes artists have awesome newsletters that I’d like to share with people. Try including an online link to yours.

Frieze Fair interpreted by @artadvocate…

@abstanfield on TwitterNew roof installation @metmuseum would be nice to see…

New video: an artist’s career cycle – how we work…

RT @pacrafts: the Art Fair Sourcebook < Thx! for the lowdown on arts festivals.

Your crowdfunding campaign will be much more effective if you’ve kept your list warm

Local Handmade Items Make Travel Memories Last

David Lynch on Where Ideas Come From and the Fragmentary Nature of

Should I Quit My Job To Start My Own Business?

Should Your Hobby Be Your Job?

20 Tiny Thoughts Crushing Your Biggest Dreams

The Difference Between Features and Benefits | IdeaCrossing Blog

What’s The Difference Between A Font And A Typeface?

“Sorry” doesn’t really make things bette×5/plates/@chrisguillebeau <great!

Ruthlessly Prioritize


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