Twitter Tweekly for June 1, 2014

An annotated and curated list of my top tweets since
May 17, 2014.

It’s okay if you don’t add dates to your artwork online, but do keep good records of dates

Like I always say . . . Trusting Yourself to Make Decisions Instead of Always Seeking Advice

Helen Hiebert's The Wish

A family contemplates The Wish by Helen Hiebert, a member of my Art Biz Incubator.

Bookstore opens Art store. Cool…

Email Subject Lines: 5 Tips to Attract Readers < #artists please read this!

Hilarious! Online game lets you smash Ai Wei Wei vases

RT @ArtistTaraReed: SURTEX thoughts and musings – part 1 #surtex <insights if interested in #artlicensing

The Paradox of Art as Work – < You really should read this

Selling & Promoting Art Online

Plenty of people are buying art online . . . Online art sales stats and trends

Good article about the economy of selling directly to people…esp Etsy…hard to quantify it…

Test out website colors. Great site! Color Trends + Palettes :: COLOURlovers < I love this site. I try to share it as a reminder every now and then.

New Facebook Page Layout for June 2014 by @graphicbreeze

the more you help out the press, the more likely you are to get exposure. See online press kit of an #artist

10 Crowdfunding Sites for Artists

3 Steps to Promote Your Blog on Pinterest and Facebook…via @smexaminer

4 Social Media Secrets You Can Learn From Elon Musk <applies even to #artists

Facebook Will Show Fewer Updates Automatically Posted By Third Parties <Watch your metrics if you rely on Facebook.

Art Tourism & Travel

RT @ArtistHomeSwap: Keep updated on our soon-to-launch homeswap site for artists. #art#travel // <Neat!

10 incredible art destinations to see and to dream of. start packing < I can’t decide where to begin. Perhaps the Brancusi (my fav), the Laib, or the Paulette. Ah, but then there’s Le Corbusier!

The Last Word

RT @chrisguillebeau “If you don’t like something, change it.” -Maya Angelou


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