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What? You left your computer screen and missed these gems in my Twitter stream? Let me help you out.

I’m conspiring. More info soon. #artistsconspire

Gals: Feng shui for your purse and wealth < @fengshuikatie is my guest for teleseminar on 2/22. See details: The Cash Register At Your Front Door.

Do people really purchase art with hearts on it during Valentine’s Day season? #curious

Twitter BirdWould love it if you could take 3 min to donate $5 or more to CERF for my bday

Story about REAL mail on @npr @totn had a caller talking about #mailart Nice!

Worried how to get things done? Read Accomplish Everything by @chrisguillebeau

The winner of last week’s Deep Thought Thursday on the Art Biz Blog is @kehew Read her poem re originality

Need for format plain text emails? Try I use it to create narrow columns of text in email. FREE

Looking at all of the labels available at Online Labels <1 of my fav resources

A contact list stores potential. It’s different from a mailing list b/c you don’t have permission to bulk message everyone.

Fr @ThisIsSethsBlog Start doing the work. <What the Artist Conspiracy is all about!

Indie Craft Trend Report for 2011. Free download from Craftster

Near Ventura, CA? Check out Focus on the Masters Series @ Brooks Institute stg 2/5

Love this. The difference b/t “font” and “typeface”

@PiCassieO Yes! Durham workshop on May 20-21. Need to line up book events + mini-workshops the week before

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