Why Does One Artist Sell Better Than Another?

There are two artists. Here’s what we know about them:

  • They work in the same medium.
  • They live nearby one another.
  • They have similar styles and sizes.
  • Their work is priced similarly.
Ellsworth Kelly

The Ellsworth Kelly gallery at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Deep Thought Thursday

One of the artists describe above is consistently selling more work.

What are the 3 primary factors that lead to this artist’s work selling better than the other artist’s?

Just 3!


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65 comments to Why Does One Artist Sell Better Than Another?

  • 1. The artist has a wider reach (contacts, friends, galleries, markets to sell to)
    2. The artist has a higher reputation (good image, his art works are talked at grapevines and traditional mediums)
    3. The artist produces quality art.

    Number 3 is the x-factor. They can have the same styles, size, pricing, but it is always the quality of work that tips the scale.

  • I have found the best thing to do for yourself as an artist is to communicate with the world- for starters no better way than on the internet. Here you can reach Goa, India, if you care to or Amsterdam, Holland.
    Being an artist on the other hand I find taking the effort, going to art show openings of colleagues, wishing them well and connecting with admirers of the visual arts, makes my life richer and more meaningful. I love meeting others, learning and exchanging views. Don’t be afraid to travel!-Learn other cultures.
    Most of the collectors of my art are interesting, educated people looking for the unique and genuine. They enjoy conversing with me and more enjoyable to purchase a piece of my art.

    My website is http://www.jarmolinski.com (check out my blog-)/blog. I hope you enjoy taking the journey with me through my art. God Bless and Namaste’.

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