Twitter Book Club Summer 09: de Kooning

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Excuses for using regular mail

In this week’s Art Marketing Action, I encourage you not to give up on using old-fashioned snail mail. In this, my 1400th post!, let’s look at some of the mail pieces you can send.

©Shirley Quaid, Chasing the Sun.

Postcards with your images on them. There are good reasons postcards are so popular with artists. It’s inexpensive to produce large quantities of 4-color postcards and postcards are cheaper to mail than folded invitations or announcements. But let’s not forget that postcards don’t have to be opened. A full-color image of your art on the front of a postcard can capture the interest of the recipient even though it might be swallowed up in a stack of mail.

Note cards with your images on them. Of course you’re going to send loads

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Read “de Kooning” with us this summer

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Deep Thought Thursday: Working 9 to 5?

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Why do we spend time online?

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Free webinar on copyright–Tuesday, Jan 27

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Podcast: Pitch your story to magazines

What are the 3 most important things for pitching a story to magazines?


If you're interested in more on this topic, former magazine editor Jennifer King did a teleseminar with me entitled How to Get Your Art in Magazines, which is available for audio download and on CD. It’s not really about art magazines, but more leisure and niche magazines, which are what many art buyers read.

Prefer reading to listening? Check out the Art Marketing Action newsletter.

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Personal note

My parents are flying in on Monday. We’re planning a nice, cozy holiday in the Colorado mountains. It will be the first Christmas I have spent with my nephews, Heath (6) and Jes (5). I’m looking forward to being with them as they open their gifts. Oh yes – and sipping on eggnog.

Although I’m originally from Oklahoma, we spent most of our Christmases in the Rockies. We packed up the car with all of the presents and made the long drive from the Sooner State to Colorado. Mom quickly learned that it was much easier to travel with unwrapped gifts than to wrap them ahead of time. When we arrived, we could just open gift bags and plop in the presents. Then, after we had our own house in Crested Butte (which we share with three other

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4 Year Anniversary of Art Biz Blog

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Personal note: Thank you

I don’t say it enough: Thank you.

Thank you for subscribing to this newsletter and for reading it when you have time.

Thank you for reading my blog, following me on Twitter, and friending me on Facebook.

Thank you for signing up for my classes, buying my book and CDs, and asking me to help with your personal projects.

I started this business because I wanted to hang out with artists and help them out as much as I could. Little did I know that it would blossom into this amazing community of very cool people. I often list Art Marketing Action newsletter subscribers and individual clients on my gratitude list. I may or may not know you by name, but I am grateful for your presence and for your gifts to the world.

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