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The weekend before last I attended a two-day conference in Denver entitled Thin Air Summit ’08 (#tas08 on Twitter). I called it the Geek Conference for short. Rooms full of techy people talking about Web 2.0 stuff (social networking, video, podcasting, blogging, etc.) and introducing themselves by their Twitter names. I felt oddly out of place, yet there I was. I guess I was one of them.

Super blogger and Twitter aficionado Amy Gahran presented a session at the Summit on blog writing. One of the first points she made is an excellent one: That you should think of your readers as community rather than an audience. And that is where we begin today’s newsletter.

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Remix: What blogging did for her

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Affirm Who You Will Be in this Economy

Frightened by the latest headlines predicting dire times ahead? You’re not alone. I’ve received lots of requests to address the economic situation, and I’ve been mulling it over. I’ve been torn since I’m certainly not an expert on the economy. Heck, no one appears to know what the economy is going to do next! And if they say they do, they’re often proven wrong within 24 hours.

I’m also not an expert on the art market during recessions. When looking back at what the BIG art market has done during previous times of recession, I’ve read that the art market usually lags about a year behind the financial markets. But these are numbers from auction houses and big art fairs. Those numbers don’t really apply to most of my readers, so I caution not to read

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Personal Note: Look for Good Omens

The sky is falling! Or at least you’d think it is if you listen to news–especially television. We’re in for hard times, we’re fighting two wars, and things just don’t look good. Wait. Stop! Things aren’t that bad if you think of everything you have. I am truly grateful each and every day for the roof over my head, our beautiful home and neighborhood, a loving (and fun!) husband, friends, family, good health, freedom, YOU, and much more. I take time at night to write out my list of gratitudes. And I look at the list in the morning. I have more than probably 95% of the earth’s population. Life is very good. I am blessed.

Me and my new car, Margot

Still, last week when I was going to pick up my new

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Personal Note: Scary Stuff

I don’t like being scared. I never enjoyed haunted houses and never dressed up in a scary outfit for Halloween (I was always something like Raggedy Ann, a princess, or a gypsy). To this day, I hide my eyes and plug my ears during scary parts of movies. And I wouldn’t dare seek out an entire scary movie for the thrills. I think most Arnold Schwarzenegger movies are scary. To me, violence=scary. The only Schwarzenegger movie I’ve ever seen is Kindergarten Cop!

Okay, you get the picture.

In some aspects of my life, I’m fearless. Building my own business might have been scary–IF I had stopped to think about it. For me, it was something I had to do. Yet there is an element of fear in each new class, program, article, or workshop that I produce. I don’t dwell

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Personal Note: My North Carolina Retreat

When I was a teenager, my family jumped on I-40 from Oklahoma City and–looking at the map now–I don’t think we had reason to leave the interstate until we got to our destination: North Carolina. We were on a genealogy tour. Yep, it’s the family trip that most kids don’t get to take and with good reason. Trekking across the country to find old rundown houses of long-dead ancestors didn’t sound like the dream summer vacation. We sure didn’t have iPods, Wiis, or car TV sets to keep us entertained on the long trip. And my brother and I fought like cats and dogs in and out of the station wagon.

What I remember most about my earliest trip east is (1) rubbing tombstones in the tiny hillside cemeteries around Highlands; (2) my grandfather (Bandaddy) talking to every random person

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Big Dreams, Big Plans

I’m finishing up Christine Kane’s Great Big Dreams retreat in the mountains north of Asheville, NC. Tonight, I’m back at home and getting ready for a big week. And I can’t believe it’s October!

The Get Organized class starts with a kickoff call Tuesday night, and then the INSIGHTS series begins on Thursday night with an interview with Evon Zerbetz. Oh, yeah, and then I head into the mountains next weekend for a book party in Carbondale, CO. With all of this going on, it’s imperative to be organized. I’m no busier than anyone else, but I’m learning to schedule my time more effectively. I’ve learned so much from my productivity consultant, and I’m lucky to have the help of able assistants.

I have a long way to go–especially with my electronic files. Anyone else would have

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Podcast: Gain insight into art career success

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More advice on donating art

Some interesting comments were left on the blog about donating art that are worthy of your consideration.

I now donate gift certificates from my studio toward the purchase of paintings or art lessons. The charity gets their bid money for the certificates, and the winner must visit my studio or go to my website to redeem them. They either don’t use it, for whatever reason, or they usually spend more than the certificate is worth, so I get new clients and sales. Either way, I can’t lose.Linda Blondheim

I once read something that Oprah said and it changed the way I donate. She said that if you donate to everyone you spread yourself too thin and can’t really make a big difference. She suggested donating to only a few charities that support a cause you are passionate about.Rachelle

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A signature block I really like

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