Why Artists Should Embrace Galleries

Janice McDonald Collages

The way we promote, sell, and buy art is rapidly changing, but there are still many good reasons to consider gallery representation. Here’s a list to remind you of the upside of working with a gallery. . . . A gallerist acts as your agent. A good gallery will be your advocate and business partner. They will work to manage your career and help you raise your status and prices.

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What Artists Should Expect From Galleries At Openings

Jenni Higginbotham

Artists can help galleries sell the art, but they have to feel wanted and appreciated at art openings and events.

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Multiply Your Exhibition Audience with Collaborative Programs

Jill Powers’ piece, Color in a Changing Forest, in a Live Motion performance. Photo by David Silver.

We were pitched exhibition ideas daily when I worked in art museums. When trying to decide on an exhibition schedule, we considered things such as funding sources, gallery space, scholarship, budget needs, and audience interest. But one of our biggest concerns was always: Can we program this?

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Do The Math for the Juried Art Exhibit

Jim Carpenter Painting

An anonymous artist sent me an email with these stats. The painting she is sending to a juried art exhibition sells for $1200. Other fees involved – which don’t include material, labor, or office time – are:

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Ripping Through the Veils of Illusion Around Online Art Marketplaces

To plunge into the Web’s round-the-clock marketplace is both daunting and compelling. It’s delicious to imagine prodigious sales allowing you to “Quit Your Day Job” so you can ship hoards of orders in your Dr. Denton’s and then glide into your studio to make more.

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What Is Your Art Business Costing You?

Even if your sales are good, have you taken time to evaluate your expenses? You may be surprised to learn that venues where you have decent sales don’t necessarily increase your income.

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When to Show Prices of Your Art [Updated]

If you want to sell your art, post your prices. Even if you have gallery representation, showing your prices can help drive sales. Always make it easy for people to buy.

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Keeping Gallery Relations on the Up-and-Up

In the Pricing Your Art with Confidence program, Debby Williams and I stressed several times (Debby delivered the drill down) that you should never ever undersell your galleries. Artist Cherilyn SunRidge asked for clarification. I thought I’d share my responses here.

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How to Investigate an Artist Call for Entry [Infographic]

Infographic: Artists Investigate a Call for Entry

You need to understand the basic parameters of the contest, competition or commission. When you find one worth pursuing, use the following questions to find the answers for a successful submission.

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Warning: Exhibiting Your Art is Good for You

Kathy Knaus takes some pride in seeing her work Joni IV on exhibit in a Denver gallery.

The Internet is an amazing tool, but it can never replace encountering a real work of art. Exhibiting your art allows you to have a dialogue with people about the work. You can’t help but learn and grow from these experiences.

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