Activate Your Marketing for a Bigger Audience

Is your marketing too passive?
Are you putting your art out there and hoping someone will see it, buy it, or give you a show?

Yellow Male Cat

Jack isn’t always interested in being active.

I’ll confess that I’ve become complacent with my marketing. I write my blog posts every week and post to Facebook and Twitter. Then I sit back and wait for something to happen.

And I rely too much on my existing list without reaching out to new potential audiences.

Fortunately, my coach is correcting my ways. She’s amazed that I have had such good results, and pointed out that I could help a lot more people if only I’d become more active with my marketing.

This got me thinking about all of the passive marketing that we do. How could we approach it more actively in a way that puts us in the driver’s seat of our destiny?

Here are a few ideas.

Social Media Engagement

Passive : Post updates. Like others’ updates. Accept friendships.

Activate Your Social Media →  Seek out the people and businesses you really want to connect with. Friend them, like their pages, comment on their posts, and promote their activities.

Mailing List

Passive: Add a sign-up form to website. Send a newsletter. Update list.

Activate Your Mailing List →  Ask people you meet in person if they’d like to be on your list.

Segment your list and target specific messages to each segment as appropriate. Have a plan to contact your top customers once a quarter.

Exhibitions & Events

Passive: Install the art and hope it sells. Send a postcard and an email blast to your whole list. Hope people show up.

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Every so often, Jack gets a wild hair and rolls over. Can we call it active?

Activate Your Exhibitions & Events →  Train the venue staff about your art. Give them selling points. Visit weekly to check in.

Write personal notes on the postcards you send. Send personal emails to the people you most want to attend and invite them to a private showing. Pick up the phone and dial your VIPs.

Gallery Relations

Passive: Ship the art to the gallery. Attend opening. Cross your fingers.

Activate Your Gallery Relations →   Call the gallery every 3 or 4 months and ask them how you can help them sell more of your work. Bonus: Bake cookies for your gallerist.

Teaching and Events

Passive: Schedule class or event. Rely on venue to fill the registrations.

Activate Your Teaching →  Send a personal note (email or, better, real mail) to the people you most want to attend. Pick up the phone and invite them. Offer to write a guest blog post to help promote the event.

We need both passive and active marketing, but our businesses slow down when we rely on passive alone. How are you being too passive with your marketing? How are you activating it?

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