16 Ideas for Repurposing Your Artist Statement

Don’t write your artist statement for someone else. 
Do it for yourself.

Don’t write your artist statement because you have to. 
Do it because you will grow and learn.

Don’t write your artist statement and then forget about it. 
Do it so that you fully embrace the words.

Jill Saur, Autumn Promise. Acrylic on canvas.

Jill Saur, Autumn Promise. Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 48 inches. ©The Artist

Your self-promotion efforts get much easier once you have the right words to define your art. Here are six ways you can use a good artist statement.

1. Print your statement off in a large font, and turn it into a label for your exhibition.

2. Use it as the basis for text in a grant application.

3. Separate each sentence and expand on it in a blog post.

4. Print your statement on a brochure or in a catalog you print through a site like Blurb.com or Lulu.com.

5. Review it each time you’re asked to talk about your art. Make sure your presentation reflects your statement and vice versa. If they don’t support one another, regroup and rewrite.

6. Post your statement on your website, but not on a separate page. Instead, post it next to the art that it’s supposed to be about.

When you have an artist statement you’re proud of, condense it into a single smashing sentence. Use this sentence in the following ways.

1. Turn it into the opening sentence of your About page or biography.

2. Add it to the back of your business card.

3. Adapt it for your social media profiles.

4. Make it into a T-shirt, mug, or bumper sticker.

5. Post it on your studio door.

6. Have it printed on cocktail napkins.

7. Build a blog post from each word in the sentence.Artist Statement e-book

8. Tweet it. Use the #artiststatement hashtag so we can read it, too.

9. Add it as a tagline to your newsletter or blog.

10. Laminate it on a small card and carry it with you.

If your statement is more than a year old, consider a rewrite — unless you haven’t been doing any art for 365 days.

How do you approach, write, edit, and repurpose your artist statement?

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