5 Reasons to Join and Be Active in an Artist Organization

Guest Blogger: Paula Lewis

Except for the few artists who have reached the level of success that enables requires help from assistants to keep up with the demand for their work, we artists are a lonely bunch.

Solitude is good for creativity, but only up to a point.  Community, education, critique, support, and inspiration are good for our work and our psyches.

Join an artist organization and you’ll see what’s in it for you. Here are a few of the reasons I cherish membership in the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.

1. Market Influence

A guild or organization can work to build the overall market for fine art and fine craft.  The momentum of the group will benefit everyone.

Paula Lewis, April's Promise

Paula Lewis, April’s Promise. Vitreous enamel on copper, 11 x 15 inches (including frame).

2. Business Advice

Record-keeping, setting prices, dealing with galleries, and liability insurance are examples of the kinds of issues that can be addressed by guild members that come from a variety of backgrounds and levels of experience.

3. Fresh Perspective

Viewpoints from artists working in multiple media help identify with whom your work resonates and why. Knowing more accurately what your most likely client looks like helps you effectively allocate scarce resources (time and money.)

4. Confidence Building

Many of us are visual, not verbal, so being asked to speak or write about our work can be a special challenge.  Practice with your fellow artist-members enables you to speak more easily with non-artist potential clients.

5. Revitalized Muse

If you are “stuck,” you are not making art, which means you are not going to have any art to sell. Shared creative energy is a priceless benefit of joining a guild.

Join an organization that is media-diverse, multi-generational, and embraces a broad spectrum of styles. You will find your creativity constantly jostled, your contact (client) list expanding, and your ability to speak comfortably and cogently about your own work significantly improved.

Oh, you will also make fabulous new friends and feel more strongly connected to your community – good deal!

Paula LewisGuest blogger Paula Lewis, Scorched Eyebrow Studio, hand-fires and composes copper and vitreous enamel collages. She lives in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania, near her childhood home and her mother, with her husband, Ken and her beautiful autistic daughter, Jessica.

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