Sale: My Book + 5 Bonus Goodies

I’ve put together a selection of products and bonuses for those of you shopping the holiday sales.

Holiday Sale at Art Biz Coach

All include the purchase of my book, I’d Rather Be in the Studio! The Artist’s No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion.

Bonus Goodies

  • NEW from Art Biz Coach! Special report: After The Sale (What to do next)
  • NEW from Art Biz Coach! Special report: A Checklist for Promoting Your Exhibit or Event
  • NEW from Art Biz Coach! Audio program: Unbelievably Dumb Mistakes Artists Make When Presenting Themselves
  • From Cynthia Morris! Special report: Receive Feedback Gracefully to Be a Better Artist
  • From Ariane Goodwin! Special report: Artist Statements (What’s the big deal about something so small?)

4 Options

  1. Book + Goodies
  2. Book + Pre-Order of Revised Edition + Goodies
  3. Book + Blast Off Class + Goodies
  4. E-Book + Goodies

Shop now! Sale ends December 18th.


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