Twitter Tweekly for October 7 2012

#Chicago artists: Have you signed up for my Oct 19-20 workshop yet? Would love to meet you!

Grateful for #artist Nate Metz who shares his enthusiasm for my workshop in this vid

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“Mixed-media artist” doesn’t mean “multi-media artist” Two different things!

From my mastermind group: Market as you would want to be marketed to

Intvwd by @IndieMade re my blogging and my top 4 tips for new bloggers

Social Media

25% of my blog traffic is from Facebook. Yours?

You don’t have to copy my blog posts to share the message. My policies:

RT @PublicityHound: How to transfer your Blogger site to WordPress. [Get off Blogger! WP is so much better]

Did Facebook Decrease Pages’ Reach? further evidence u shouldn’t build your brand on FB!


Don’t count on people to see your message on Facebook. You need to use email, too!

An ! at the end of a subject line that says “October e-news” doesn’t make it more exciting

MailChimp puts open rate of art/artists emails at 17.5% Y’all have work to do! Thx to @clintavo for that link

This guy’s newsletter click-throughs ^ 215% thru a simple tweak. Perfect for #artists via @aweber

 Maybe Art, Maybe Not

“Artists don’t realize how hard their work is, so they do sell cheap or miss deadlines” Successful artist biz: #Detroit

8 art installations in North Am airports and their problems via @hyperallergic

Do you draw in ink? INKTOBER Day 1 via @Zite

The Most Beautiful Coffee Shops in the World via @Zite

Metropolitan Museum of Art hidden surprises via @Zite

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